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Fully Researched

Fully researched for beginners and experienced, a full colored guide with detailed profiles of the top 15 incense scents.

The Top 15 Incense Guide is the ULTIMATE beginner’s or experience incense user’s guide to incense.

That’s right!

You get ALL of the top 15 incense scents with descriptions of when to use each one and recommended uses.

PLUS you get a brief history lesson on their origins, scientific details, targeted chakras and more!

No more spending money on the wrong incense.

Best of all it frees up your time so you can focus on what you want to experience with incense, and the right way.

Top 15 Incense Guide

As introduction to Aumani Boutique, we are sharing our "Top 15 Incense Guide" for free and know you will find value in it!

Fast-track your knowledge about incense and aromatherapy and

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This is a beautiful guide to learning more about incense and how it can be of a benefit to your life!

Get all of these essential details in a beautifully designed poster and learn more about the top 15 incense scents.

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