Get Positive Mind and Body with the Silva Mind Control Method

The Silva Mind Control Method

The Silva Mind Control Method

Are you thinking and planning to transform your life?

Each result achieved out of your planning will change your view towards life and yourself. Achievement brings power and responsibility to use that power to better yourself and mankind.

The Silva Mind Control Method awakens the unused talents of the mind that an untrained mind cannot do.

You must be thinking about how a trained mind works and what is the unused talent. Let’s get into it.

The Power of Positive Thinking

This journey is rooted in the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale, which is available as an audiobook, paperback, hardcover and audio CD. In the process of reading this book, Helene Hadsell from Dallas Texas, known as “The Contest Queen”, a mother of three and needing money, took notes. She was also a member of “The Grange Writers”.

Here is what stood out for her in “The Power of Positive Thinking”:

“You can have anything you want, provided you know what it is.”

“See yourself as you already having it.”

“If there is a delay in results, cultivate more patience, and it’s yours.”

“If you stay with anything long enough and strong enough, it will come to you – that’s the law of attraction – it’s energy.”

Helene Hadsell

One night, she asked her husband what he would like. Inspired by an advertisement for a Coca Cola contest he saw in the newspaper he was reading, he responded with wanting an outboard motor for his fishing boat.

Helene wrote into the 25 words or less contest,

“I’m a lone-wolf fisherman. Cokes are my silent partners. They contribute no yakety yak, only enjoyment when called upon.”

Helene Hadsell

She made herself feel as though she already won by visualizing herself, as her husband, a lone-wolf fisherman, in that boat, with a pack of Coca Cola and the new outboard motor. This is a key point in manifesting – feeling and making yourself believe you have already achieved what you want.

She put the entry in an envelope, mailed it off and asked her husband, “I wonder how long it’s going to take them to let us know we won?”

That’s positive thinking. She admits to not knowing any better at the time, but said, “He’s got to win it!”

Two weeks later, the representative from Coca Cola called and said, “Mr. Hadsell, you won your outboard motor.”

Helene continued the process in winning contests – winning contests in 25 words or less.

It is important to note, as she points out in her interviews, that she was winning contests of this type, rather than sweepstakes where your name or entry can be pulled from millions of entries.

She didn’t think of this as competition.

Helene had a strategy, “I always thought, ‘the only competition you have is yourself‘…”, she said in an interview.

Due to her continued success, people called her a witch, which she corrected them by saying she was using “WISHcraft“. She later authored the book, “The Name It and Claim It Game: with WINeuvers for WISHcraft,” and the editor of the “Mind Control Newsletter”. Her book has sold over three million copies and was updated in 2020 by Carolyn Wilman – available in various formats.

In her book, she emphasizes what she learned in “The Power of Positive Thinking,” that the moment you doubt something, you are nullifying all the positive energy that you work on toward a goal – by entertaining anything negative you are being your worst enemy.

In addition to this, not telling anyone until you have achieved your goal eliminates the possibility of the contribution of negative energy to your missions. Helene writes a phrase one of her younger son coined:

Never brag it until we bag it.

The Silva Mind Control Method

Through her popularity in winning, this is where “The Silva Mind Control Method”, or “The Silva Method” comes into the scene. Helene was approached by José Silva, author of “The Silva Mind Control Method“, available in various formats, to develop these skills and align them with his teachings of increasing the ability of success through relaxation and development of higher brain functions, where she promoted related approaches to success.

Mindvalley by Vishen Lakhian

I feel it necessary to point out misinformation in recent advertisements referring to Helene Hadsell that have been recently circulating the Internet by Vishen Lakhian, founder and CEO of Mindvalley. The purpose of Mindvalley is to to create personal transformation that raises human consciousness. In the advertisements, Vishen Lakhian gives the impression that it was because of the Silva Technique that Helene Hadsell was able to win anything, where in fact, they were contests, not sweepstakes and that it was because of the Silva Method that she was able to do this.

In several interviews she has pointed out that her success was provided through her ability to transform her mind and direct her positive thinking. It was through her gained popularity that attracted Silva to hire her as her public relations representative where she promoted additional techniques. She specifically mentions this in a live video interview, that can be seen here.

You can also listen to a podcast conversation between Vinshen Lakhian and Helene here, where she elaborates on her experiences and contests she won.

The Silva Mind Control Method

José Silva was a radio repair man with knowledge of electrical engineering. In knowing that reducing the resistance in an electrical wire, more electricity would flow, he thought about how this could apply to the human mind: If resistance is reduced, would people do better?

He applied and taught the core principles of meditation, relaxation techniques, biofeedback and hypnotherapy to his 10 children who as a result all improved academically. These meditative states increased the brain’s alpha levels. He found that by increasing alpha levels, learning and memory retention improved.

A city planner that had trained in The Silva Mind Control Method used its techniques to retrieve memories that have been seemingly lost, where the untrained mind was unable to find them. He used this technique by entering into a meditative state, with the goal of recalling where he had left drawings needed for an important meeting. After 10 minutes he calmly emerged with the the answer – in a restaurant in Hartford where he had dinner the previous week.

Another Silva Mind Control Method graduate has reports a similar experience.

He was unable to locate a plane ticket in his apartment despite searching for almost an hour. With help from friends, they looked everywhere, under carpets, behind refrigerators, suitcases, etc. But the ticket was not found.

Then he decided to use the techniques he learned to enter “my level” by quieting the mind and search his inner self to find the ticket. It was through that process of inner exploration when he reached “[the] level”, that he could see the location of the plane ticket, tucked in some books in the bottom of a closet.

He then rushed to the closet and found the ticket just as he saw in his vision.

This shows this is the power of a trained mind – exploring the inner self to find answers. This is not magic, you can train your mind easily and quickly to be powerful.

The Silva Mind Control Method method trains the mind to forget, control pain, speed healing, spark intuition and abandon unwanted habits. Eventually, the sixth sense becomes more creative and solves all day-to-day problems. So, it brings optimism and cheerful inner peace.

Use The Mind in Special Ways

Imagine you have direct contact with your higher intelligence. It will give you an abundance of joy. Most importantly, you would never need to be hopeless or helpless in your life again. It is a peak experience from spiritual awe that settles feelings. One can learn to be self-confident and make their life healthier, richer and peaceful. It requires meditative practices to reach the alpha level state. It will help in developing visualization skills like a mental monitor where anything can be visualized. It also helps in reducing distractive thoughts, reveal initial consideration and move towards right path.

The Silva Life System

Silva Mind Control Method
Get a Positive Mind and Body with The Silva Mind Control Method

Silva’s life system is comprised of meditation techniques to train the mind to improve focus, mind control and brain functions.

Let’s explore the components.

The Alpha State

When meditating, it has been found that with eyes closed, when trying to look at a 20 degree angle, this position of the eyes contributes to an alpha state.

Dynamic Meditation

Rather than concentrating on a visual image, concentrate on the sound “OM”, “AUM”, or “AMEN”. This sound will help you in connecting you with your higher self and calm your mind. Once you reach the meditative level, it will awaken beautiful paths in your brain for this journey.

Creative Sleep

Everyone has experienced a creative sleep in. Do you remember when you dreamt about a real problem day before it happened, so you knew how to handle it? It happens randomly but if you train your mind enough it can provide many your answers. If you need some advice or a solution, set an intention before going to sleep. You may just find the solution through the night!

Extra Sensory Perception

Through regular practice of all techniques of the Silva Method, one can activate their sixth sense and begin to visualize everything in detail. To start, enter a state of deep meditation, i.e. theta mind state and project yourself in your mental monitor. This will allow you to enter into your higher self and start and become more receptive. Visualization helps in activating right hemisphere that motivates you to do better and think logically. Moreover, it silences the left hemisphere which can contribute to additional noise. Soon, the body starts observing internally and externally and expands mental functions.

Improve Memory

When your mind is in a proper state you can develop mind tools to do several tasks, most importantly improve memory.

There are several ways where The Silva Method improves memory.

The first is to create a special mind tool of visualization and practice it to master it – “memory pegging” or “pegging”. For example, creating a list of words and associating them inside a numeric sequence, i.e. 1-10. This can be done with other associations.

Another way is to use “the mental screen”. This is where you may have forgotten something, visualize a past event, places, etc. associated the memory believed to have been forgotten memory – it still exists in there, somewhere.

Learning a triggering mechanism, when reaching “your level” entering into an alpha state, such as joining the first two fingers and thumb of either hand and reciting, “Whenever I join my fingers together like this for a serious purpose I will instantly reach this level of mind to accomplish whatever I desire”, is another technique. When practiced daily for at least a week, a firm mental affirmation will be created in your mind. To see its benefit when something has been forgotten, enter into a calm state, trigger this recall mechanism.

Improve and Maintain Health

The Silva Mind Control Method also helps in improving physical health using the imagination of speedy recovery. It has been observed that some patients have cured cancer with the positive thinking. In your mental monitor, imagine a healthy you and deeply desire to be cured. Positive thinking accelerates healing and brings the most positive person out of you.

Power of Words

Every word has a meaning. Every word or phrase has positive or negative meaning and outcome. So, firstly you need to delete some phrases from your life. Like, ‘I am not well’, ‘I am bored’, ‘I am unable to do it right. Instead, say powerful positive words to yourself like, ‘I am getting better’, ‘I am feeling good’, ‘I will make this happen’. Especially when you are in alpha or theta brain states, the great effects of these positive words multiply and attract good results.

Healing Imagery

Healing imagery means to imagine or visualize any present situation. It is possible, once a person is in alpha or theta state of mind. Like if you want to overcome your body pain, you need to meditate active your mind and feel that you don’t have any pain.

Speed Learning

Silva method suggested two main methods to speed learning. The first one is three finger technique that induces the brain to grab more information and store it in long-term memory. The other one requires recording a voice while reading to memorize it. It will help you to enter an alpha state and hear the recorded audio automatically.

Benefits of Silva Mind Control Method

  • Deeply relax mind and body
  • Helps in curing insomnia
  • Control pain and improve physical health
  • Control Blood flow
  • Helps in controlling energy levels
  • Self diagnose physical and life challenges
  • Helps in Brainstorming and thinking creative ideas
  • Helps in understanding signals of the subconscious mind
  • Increase healing rates
  • Helps in handling the pain
  • Helps in becoming a Positive and healthy person

So, there are several benefits of Silva mind control method. It helps in deep meditation and controls your mind to think and do positive and ignore all negativity of the world. The power of meditation and positive thinking not only answer your mind question but also heals your body problems to connect you deeply with your higher self and live the purposeful life.

The Silva Mind Control Method – Audio Book

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