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Pillars of Aumani Boutique

A profound clarity and vision can reshape life, the atmosphere, and the world. Welcome to Aumani Boutique.

We have started this journey on the core values of Balance, Positive Energy and Working Together, especially in communities in need. It means by working together with positive energy we can achieve balance. Balanced positive thinking is a skill and process of establishing potency, stability and ambition. Moreover, it contributes to positive physical and mental health.

Aumani Boutique is based on the powerful pillars of Abundance, Gratitude, Mindfulness and Health. These are not just pillars for us only. Incorporation and practice of these pillars into one’s life will contribute to a higher over-all sense of joy and success which are related to the pillars of success, joy and positive thinking.

Aumani Boutique
Aumani Boutique: Promoting healthy living in abundance, gratitude and mindfulness.


We always deeply desire a life, freedom, love and connections but we never realize that we can undertake everything more or to the fullest with a sense of abundance. The inner abundance in you will radiate a sense of value, ease and worth and you’ll actually start enjoying everything by being more present in each moment. Without abundance, you may feel like a hungry ghost in the midst of billions.

There are 4 pillars of an abundant life, as discussed by Ashok Wahi in “The Four Pillars of Abundant Life”:

Four Pillars of Abundance

  • Happiness
  • Gratitude – the Parent of all Virtues
  • Giving is good for you
  • Balance


Gratitude and the Brain

According to studies in neuroscience, practicing gratitude decreases anxiety, and depression and cultivates appreciation. It can also serve as an antidote to the negative spirals.

A quick gratitude practice: If you are stuck in traffic, be thankful for what you have. Now start to experience the beauty of nature around you. Notice trees, feel the breath; listen to your favorite music, etc. Gratitude helps in increasing optimism, reducing stress, enhancing health and improves relationships.

Abundance and Gratitude

Abundance is connected with a deep sense of gratitude. It helps you to enjoy all the moments, from lifting fog to melting snow. The abundant heart embraces all the beauties of the world and forgets everything that holds you to enjoy. Like gains and losses, fear and joy, selfishness and nobility, love and compassion.


Mindfulness is a psychological state of awareness, processing information and a trait. A sense of mindfulness helps you to define all moments and experiences without judgment.

Researchers have designed mindfulness theories stating meditation promotes awareness, enhances capacities, preserves cognitive activities and decreases rumination. All these are possible through meditation.  Hence mindful meditation increases positive energies and nullifies negative effects.

Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Reduces Stress: Mindful meditation helps to shift emotions ability in regulating strategies and process the brain differently.
  • Boosts Memory: Mindfulness boosts memory capacity and adds additional cognitive benefits.
  • Focus: You need to suppress distractions and only focus on significant things.
  • Less Emotional Reactivity: Mindfulness gives you a sense of contentedness so you don’t give reactions to anything promptly.
  • Cognition Flexibility: A person practicing mindfulness has a stronger ability to deal with negative situations because they have created new neural pathways for adaptive responses, responding rather than reacting and managing stressful situations.


Abundance, mindfulness and gratitude all contribute to positive health – healthy living. If your are in good health, you can experience all other practices of success, joy and positive life. An unhealthy mind and body cannot let you enjoy anything in life. Good health is most important to experience the universe. If you don’t have your health, what do you have? So put your health first so you can enjoy the rest!

Aumani Boutique

Let’s take a pause from the busy life and settle in a quiet space for grateful appreciation. Don’t rush for resources, luxuries and money.

Practice saying “Thank You” to the divine powers for everything you have. An abundant heart is a whole life.

We at Aumani Boutique, are working together to disseminate all positive energy through the knowledge of abundance, gratitude, spirituality and well-being.

Keep up with Our Journey of building our community that is directly giving back to those in need and read more About Us. for some more background.

All lives have a reason on this earth. So fulfil your reason, your telos, as Aristotle may put it. Don’t waste your supreme energy on fear, stress, wrongful deeds, and laziness.


Pillars of Aumani Boutique

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