The True & Beautiful Meaning of Aum (Om): Awaken Your Deeper Self

As an introduction to our brand, Aumani Boutique, we would like to share with you the inspiration for our brand – Aum/Om.

Aum (Om) is the sound and symbol signifying liberty of conscious, unconscious, and subconscious minds. In this stressed world and scattered energies, only a mind can capture and wipe blurry pictures and disturbing vibrations to have a clear path. The symbol itself tells a story of a spiritual landscape.  

Your mind is capable of taking you from sins to the virtue of abundance and fulfillment. The mind must achieve a state of equilibrium and represents a powerfully charged, yet calm mind.  This can be attained, and Aum (Om) is the key.. 

History of AUM

The origin of AUM is not known even today but the first mention was in the Upanishads. These are mystical texts from Vedanta philosophy associated with the concepts of “Cosmic Sound” and “affirmation to something divine”. So it is the origin of all other sounds. 

Meaning of AUM Symbol


The Aum/Om symbol is well-known and fewer know the actual meaning of this mystic symbol. All its curves, crescent, and dot have their specific meaning and resemblance in its constitution. Each constituent has its state of reality.

  1. The Large Lower Curve signifies a normal waking state. In this condition, one’s mind is completely active and can identify physical/psychological activeness through the five senses.
  2. The Middle Curve signifies a dream state. This is a state between waking and deep sleep. The subconscious mind takes you to the imaginary world of desires, hopes, and fears.
  3. The upper curve signifies an unconscious state of deep sleep. In this condition, one is unconscious, in dreamless deep sleep, and withdrawn from all the physical and mental activities. 
  4. The Crescent signifies Materialism and a veil of illusion. It is separate from the three curves so the illusion of materialism binds the person in materialism and detaches from other curves of consciousness, sub-consciousness, and unconsciousness.
  5. The Dot signifies a transcendental state of enlightenment and harmony – an absolute, universal, and spiritual energy that is hidden from the self by the veil of illusion.
The definition of the Aum symbol

Why Aum (Om)?

OM symbolizes Divine Energy. The mantra derives from Hinduism but its power is beyond the religion. The high spiritual mantra has three main characteristics: Creation, Preservation, and Liberation. The vibrations of chanting OM allow us to forget all our everyday lives and practice mindfulness. Can you believe if you are chanting OM, the vibration of 432 Hz frequency can be felt within you and all surrounding things? But it’s true. OM acknowledges our connection to the Universe. The symbolic and physical tuning creates calming effects in the body and nervous system. Hence it improves heart health and lowers the risk of high blood pressure. Concisely, OM connects us to our deeper selves and creates a spiritual bond with everything around us. Moreover, many ancient philosophical texts have considered OM as the sacred sound of the Universe and it encompasses all other sounds in it.


AUM/OM is a sacred syllable and symbol that is the greatest of all mantras or solutions to better living. The superiority and greatness of OM are in its first three sounds A-U-M. In Sanskrit, from where OM has originated, A and U vowels coalesce to become O. Therefore it represents so many important triads: 

  • The three worlds – Earth, Atmosphere, and Heaven. 
  • Three karmas: Thought, Speech, and Action. 
  • Three qualities: Goodness, Passion, and Darkness. Thus, OM has the essence of the whole universe. 
  • Three-time aspects: Past, Present, and Future. 
  • Three conditions of consciousness: The waking state, the dreaming state, and the deep sleep state. 
  • Three parts of a life cycle: Creation, Preservation, and Destruction.

After the first three sounds of AUM, the fourth sound is the sound of silence, only understood in relation to the sacred sound of AUM itself, who’s stillness at the end of breath, requires no interpretation.

How to chant Aum/Om?

To derive the best out of this mystical word you need to pronounce it in the right way. So to start chanting you need to choose the least disturbing spot. Now close all your mind and body. 


  1. Take a deep breath, swell the chest and start chanting with the vibration of the first syllable ‘A’. It is pronounced as “awe”. 
  2. Bring your lips together and continue the stretch to say ‘U’. It is pronounced as “ooo” and feels like a vibrating throat. 
  3. Now gently close your lips then teeth to feel the vibration of ‘M’. It is pronounced as a prolonged “mmm”. 
  4. You will feel a vibrating mouth. It is the complete word in itself as it uses all your body to chant AUM. 

When to Chant Aum/Om?

The golden time of chanting OM is the morning before starting all other chores. It will help you to start your day with freshness, a sense of fulfillment, and confidence. If you are new to meditation and just start with chanting OM for 5 minutes and gradually increase it up to 21 minutes daily. This vibration in dawn will reach into your deeper self and allow you to derive the best benefits.

To understand the deep mysteries of AUM one needs to understand the law of Nature. It says each particle of this universe is in motion and has a source of energy. Everything has an energetic aura whether positive or negative. So, all these energies are forms of vibrations and their frequencies. So we emit our aura and energetic vibrations through thoughts, actions, and words. Hence if you will energize your mind with positive vibrations of thoughts, words, and actions, they will reap! Otherwise dumping jealousy, sorrow, misery, and treachery in your mind all the time will bring all of them to you. This is the law of Nature, a law of the Universe.

Chanting OM will help you in resonating frequencies and awaken your higher self. 

Health Benefits of Chanting Aum/Om

Helps to Improve Concentration

OM detaches you from the outside world and connects you with your inner self while putting all your worries and tensions aside. As you practice OM chanting on a regular basis, it improves your concentration and you become more attentive and focused. 

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Research shows that chanting OM reduces the activity of the limbic system, a portion of the brain associated with stress and emotions. So if you chant OM regularly it washes away mental pressures to restore calmness and stability of mind. This is adjuvant therapy in bursting stress, anxiety, and depression. As it is a form of meditation so it promotes peacefulness and removes all distractions going on in your mind.

Detoxifies and Rejuvenates Body

OM improves the detoxification process of the body, blood circulation, and supply of oxygen. Let’s quickly detoxify your body. Just chant OM once, you took a deep breath to chant and this process has rid so many toxins from your body. So the more you will practice, the more toxins you will relieve.

Improves Heart and Digestive System

Mediation has shown unbelievable results in improving heart health. Some studies claim that chanting OM multiplies all benefits of meditation manifold as it is a supreme form of meditation.

Ensures Sound Sleep

Late nights of working and disturbed days are impacting your overall body cycle. Especially disturbing sleep and anxious nights smack your brain. A conscious meditation helps in curing insomnia but chanting OM with closed eyes helps way more. It restores your mind, soul, body, and balance. The balance of cardiac rhythm clears your mind and wipes all your stress/ worries. So start chanting OM regularly and cherish sound nights of sleep. 

Reduces Negativity

An unstable and anxious mind always thinks negatively whenever some unfavorable incident happens or a thought arises. You are unable to differentiate between right and wrong decisions, acts, and people around you. It’s high time for you to start chanting OM so you can improve your reasoning ability and make better decisions in all good and bad circumstances. Don’t let negativity engulf all your real thoughts and existence.

Chanting and the symbol Aum (Om) has benefits for your mental, physical, psychological, and overall health and life like it strengthens your spinal cord, fights fatigue and gives you more confidence and a lot more countless benefits.


The short but complete take away from this article is recognition. You must recognize the true meaning of Aum/Om, its components, deep connection with the universe, and astounding benefits. This is healing magic for all the problems and worries. The practice of Aum/Om on a regular basis shields your energies from all the negative powers and strengthens them. Get rid of frustration, anger, ego, and irritation and welcome a new calm, stress-free and happy life by practicing Aum/Om chanting.


Here at Aumani Boutique, we incorporated Aum in our name, Aumani Boutique, and and represents the inspiration for our first patent-pending product, Ornaument.  

With your support and pre-orders, we look forward to bringing you this elegant, hand-crafted product to enhance your sacred spaces.




Ornaument by Aumani Boutique

Ornaument creates a cascading smoke water fall effect featuring the spiritual symbol Aum (om), with backflow incense cones and incense sticks.  Ornaument incorporates sacred geometry with the Golden Ratio and the powerful Angel Number 105 in its design.


The True Meaning of Om/Aum

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